Famous Last Words artwork for Comedy Central's Famous Last Words.

It’s time for your favourite faces to have their Famous Last Words on Monday 21 August on Comedy Central (122) at 21:00. From the far out to the close to home, comedy is going to bring two notable names together for a laugh a minute.

Famous Last Words bring celebrities together to create a pairing that will keep you on the edge of your seat. When stand-up comedian Kagiso Lediga meets with former rugby player and radio host, John Robbie, expect it to be nothing short of entertaining. With poles-apart careers, can Kagiso make John a stand-up comedic to endure a 5-minute show on stage? Join along for an Irish schooling and see how Robbie handles the spotlight to make a crowd laugh.

See what else you can expect when Kagiso Lediga and John Robbie team up for Comedy Central’s Famous Last Words.

We’ve got some sneaky extras to share where Kagiso tells us the story behind the owl story John had talked about on his radio show. Who would have thought that a simple nocturnal animal would divide the nation; good or bad – you decide.

Get ready for the fun with Famous Last Words on Monday 21 August on Comedy Central (122) at 21:00 and enjoy the weekly episodes on DStv Catch Up