An image of the cast of This Is Us

This Is Us is coming to M-Net in January 2018. Here’s what we learnt in season one.

Don't sleep on this because the new year will be hailing in a new season of This Is Us.

People are still ranting and raving about the first season and the second season will be on M-Net. Also available on DStv

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We'd just like to recap the awesomeness of this show. First we are thrown into the present and past, and we meet this loving family and the struggles that make them so relatable. 

The series has also been nominated for numerous awards like the Golden Globes for Best Drama series, Best Supporting Actress and 10 Emmy nominations. Sterling K Brown who plays Randall in This Is Us won the Emmy for Oustanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. 

So what did we learn? 

We learnt a lot about love. 
From Jack and Rebecca who met by coincidence at a bar and built this dynamic and challenging yet beautiful family.


Toby and Kate who met. They loved each other and overcame so many challenges together. 

Forgiveness and second chances 
Kevin’s ex-wife Sophie is able to forgive him after years of being separated and they rekindle their love. 

Randall is able to forgive his biological father who abandoned him at a fire station shortly after he was born. 

Weight issues 
We meet Kate who has always been teased about her weight as a child and struggles with it in adulthood. She meets Toby at a weight support group and they start dating which is also a struggle for them because of their weight. They count calories in the beginning but they show us how real it is to be overweight and to try living with it on a daily basis.  

Living Life to the full 
When Randall and his biological father William go on a road trip were Randall is able to learn more about where he comes from and has an experience he'll never forget. In the end William dies from cancer but the memories stay with Randall. It's all about making great memories. 

Taking chances 
After ditching The Manny, Kevin tries his hand at theatre and goes through a range of things from his acting to his relationships. He however took that chance that changed his life for the better. 

In the end Kate decides to pursue a career in singing after being doubtful about it for so many years. We can only hope to see her shine in season 2. 

We still don't know how Jack died. He also left the house after Rebecca said they needed to get some air from each other. Jack reassures and affirms his love and tells her everything is going to be okay.

Randall in the meantime tells Beth that he wants to adopt a baby. 

Kevin is also planning to meet Ron Howard.