This Is Life.

New series starts Thursday, 26 October at 20:00.

Nothing says “I care” more than a random act of kindness, and in the last week of October, TLC Entertainment continues to do so, by visiting ordinary people who have been through extraordinary experiences.

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Meet TLC's Next Great Presenter

Meet Dr Christian Jessen

In the upcoming new series, This Is Life, join TLC’s Next Great Presenter, Carissa Cupido, as she follows the personal journeys of families about to go through situations they never thought they would experience before. In this series, she first features a young couple surprising their friends and family on their wedding day, then a professional baseball player shares big news, and a blind mother experiences a life changing moment where she gets to see her children for the first time.

This Is Life

Then, to end off Breast Cancer month on a positive note, One Step At A Time, a once-off six-part local series, focuses on Breast Cancer and those that have survived it. The series follows the journey of six cancer survivors who have faced the battle of overcoming this disease and make a pact to climb Mount Everest together to celebrate life.

Raising awareness about this deadly disease, the series continues to encourage women of all ages to get tested, and continues to empower those who are currently fighting the battle of cancer.

Don’t miss out on all the inspiring and life-changing stories on This Is Life With Carissa Cupido from Thursday, 26 October at 20:00, and One Step At A Time from Monday, 30 October at 20:55 both on TLC Entertainment (DStv Channel 135) and see how a little Tender Loving Care helps one to survive even the most difficult changes.

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