Zombies stretch their hands out to the screen.

The count down to the return of The Walking Dead ends tonight (Monday 15 February) when Season 6 returns to FOX (125) at 21:00.

We’re as excited as you are to see what’s next for Rick and the rest of the survivors, and if they’ll be able to make it out of Alexandria safely. Do you think Sasha, Daryl and Abraham will meet up with Rick again?

Before tuning in, and getting the answers we want, here’s our favourite nail-biting, and surprising, moments from the first half of Season 6.


Glenn’s "death"
The two weeks it took us to find out if Glenn was dead or not was probably the most nerve-wrecking time of watching The Walking Dead.

We fell in love with Glenn in the very beginning, and he’s been through so much, that we didn’t envision a death like that.

With our DStv Explora, we hit rewind that scene of him and Nicholas falling off the dustbin a hundred times, analysing each frame. We couldn’t imagine such a painful and horrible death for our darling Glenn.

And then our prayers were answered. Glenn is alive, but for how long?


Wolves invade Alexandria
We were a bit optimistic, hoping the survivors would be safe in Alexandria, but the high walls weren’t enough to keep the Wolves outside.

Definitely the most scared the residents of Alexandria have been since they moved in, and with Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Daryl and Abraham on the road, resources were limited to protect them all.

It was a massacre! And Carol and Morgan tried their best to save the community and its residents. One thing that did irritate us was Morgan always being the better person.

He decided not to kill one of the Wolves but rather keep him tied up in one of the houses. This led to us getting to know more about Morgan and what happened to him between Seasons 1 and 6.


Morgan the man
We met Morgan in Season 1 but, since he and Rick split up and we were reunited with him at the end of Season 5, we have no idea what happened to him.

It was great to see how and where he learnt all this control when fighting for survival in a world where everything is upside down.  

But how long will he be able to keep this up? And will he and Carol be able to put the Wolves aside and trust each other again?


Who’s Negan?
With Sasha, Daryl and Abraham on the road, they have no idea what they’re missing out on in Alexandria.

But it seems a bigger threat may wait for them on the open road – and we’re not talking about the hundreds of walkers they tried to move away from their community.
At the end of the mid-Season 6 finale, a group of armed men approached Sasha, Daryl and Abraham, telling them that what they have on them (their weapons) now belongs to Negan.

But who is Negan? And what do his followers plan on doing with our beloved survivors?


Maggie is pregnant
With our Premium subscription DStv Explora, we had to rewind this conversation between Aaron and Maggie a few times to make sure we heard correctly. Yes, Maggie is pregnant.

She confessed this to Aaron while they were literally stuck in the gutter hoping to find Glenn. But they were stopped dead in their tracks by a herd of walkers. 

With Maggie now trapped on a watch post, will she be able to find safety in the arms of Glenn and will they be able to raise their first-born in this apocalyptic world?

And will Rick be able to lead the remaining Alexandria survivors safely through the herd of walkers?

Maybe tonight’s episode will answer some of our questions. Tune in to FOX (125) every Monday at 21:00 for all the nail-biting moments in The Walking Dead.