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Ray Winstone and Amanda Redman talk ITV Choice's new show.

The Trials of Jimmy Rose stars Ray Winstone and Amanda Redman in a new drama of crime and passion. Airing on ITV Choice, DStv channel 123, the first episode will premiere on Wednesday 2 September at 22:00 (airing within three days of UK broadcast) and you can also watch it on DStv Catch Up.

The story follows career criminal Jimmy Rose after having spent the last 12 years in prison for armed robbery. Once Jimmy is a free man, he wants to be with his family, but it’s not that simple. Jimmy has to face up to commitment as a husband, father and grandfather - that means being around for his children, staying out of trouble and out of prison.

The leads in the series speak up about their characters and the upcoming show*:


Ray Winstone

How did you get involved in The Trials of Jimmy Rose?

It was down to the director Adrian Shergold, basically. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Adrian on several occasions. ITV had approached him and he came to me with the idea. Once they said, "He’s a guy coming out of prison," I went, "Oh, hold on." But then you read the script and you see it’s not actually about that. It’s about family. It’s about what a man does to a family when he’s banged up for 12 years. He destroys them. He loses his kids. They’re growing up in a world that’s changing but he’s not. He’s standing in the same place. His wife Jackie’s (Amanda Redman) world has changed. His kids’ world has changed. And he hasn’t been there to protect them.

Jimmy wants to protect his family. Do you empathize with the character?

It’s my way of living. It’s where I come from. And where our age group comes from. You have a responsibility and a morality to look after your own and to deal with it yourself. We never used to call the police. If there’s a silly argument today, someone calls the police. Years ago it was dealt with, not necessarily in a fight. In a row, someone said their piece and they went in and looked you in the eye and you said what you had to say. I just think those days have gone. Everything’s become very PC. Everything’s become almost like America, "You touch me, I sue you." Years ago if someone was out of line they got a clump and that was it. Forgotten about.

Did you enjoy working with Amanda Redman, who plays Jimmy’s wife Jackie, again?

I love her to death. I’ve worked with her a few times now. I don’t know whether underrated is the right word because she’s not underrated by people within the profession. She’s up there with the best actresses who have ever come out of this country, I think. And I know that from working opposite her. I’m a friend of hers, so I’m a bit biased anyway. But she’s never failed to deliver in anything she’s ever done.


Amanda Redman

Who is Jackie Rose?

Jackie is married to Jimmy, a career criminal played by Ray Winstone. They met when they were about 12 and were childhood sweethearts. She grew up in a culture, society and area of London at a time when women were required to marry, have children and basically do whatever their husbands told them to do.

Unlike other women of her age, Jackie wasn’t encouraged to go to university and she fulfilled the role set out for her, falling pregnant at the age of 16 or 17 which was all part and parcel of it. It’s an old-fashioned relationship and marriage. Which is why Jimmy can’t cope when it gets dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


Why did you want to play Jackie?

I had always wanted to work with the director Adrian Shergold. That is the reason I took the role. I knew in the hands of someone like Adrian it would be fabulous. And, indeed, he was just so fantastic to work with. He is extraordinary.

Adrian was an actor and is so unusual in his approach. He’s not like any other director I’ve worked with at all. We did a lot of improvising. It’s a completely different way of working. He demands a lot of his actors, which I already knew. I have adored watching his stuff. So when they said Adrian Shergold is directing it - it was a no-brainer.


And working with Ray Winstone again?

They sent me the script first and it was only later they said they wanted Ray Winstone to play Jimmy. Ray and I met when we were in our twenties so we have known each other a long time. We’re best mates. Marion Bailey, who plays Jackie’s sister Sue, is one of my best female mates. We’re godmothers to each other’s daughters. And we played sisters before in a series called To Have And To Hold in the 1980s. Sue’s husband Roy is played by Paul Jesson who I’ve also known since my twenties. So it was like real family with that shorthand between us.

Be sure to tune in for The Trials of Jimmy Rose on ITV Choice, DStv channel 123, Wednesdays from 2 September at 22:00, also on DStv Catch Up.


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