Corey Stroll as Ephraim Goodweather in The Strain

Every Monday we tune in for #ImmortalMondays on FOX for The Strain at 20:30, followed by The Walking Dead at 21:20.

Every Monday we tune in for #ImmortalMondays on FOX for The Strain at 20:30, followed by The Walking Dead at 21:20. 

Last week we had a bit of hope when Eph and Nora found out what they’re dealing with, but after last night’s episode, we’re not sure how the virus can be contained.

Eph teams ups with Setrakian
With Nora trying to come to terms with the virus, Eph teamed up with Setrakian as they tried to track down the surviving passengers of the flight.

At Ansel’s house, they found him tied up in the shed with his victim already transitioning.

With Ansel on the attack, Eph recorded his new features, before Setrakian chopped off his head. With the footage, Eph hoped to get his superiors to call for a city-wide quarantine, while they tried to contain the virus. But his plea fell on deaf ears as his access to the Centre for Disease Control was cut off.

The virus has spread
It was clear quarantine was not enough, as the virus had spread. One of the city workers, trying to clear the city of the rats that suddenly became a major problem, entered the sewerage system to get to the root of the problem.
But what he found was something that will give Eph a major headache - many, many more victims of the virus, living in the sewerage pipes and waiting to attack.

Meanwhile, on The Walking Dead, we’re wondering…

What’s Carol up to?
Not only is she dressing like a Stepford Wife, but she blatantly lied to the Alexandria community, telling them she’s never fired a weapon before, except the odd handgun.

During the party, (yes a party in real life, like there’s no threat of walkers), Carol snuck off to the pantry to get her hands on a bunch of handguns, and then she got caught - by a kid!

This is when Carol became frightening – threatening the kid and his life if he dared to tell anyone what he saw. But it was the words that came out of her mouth and the way she said it that gave us chills, and made us believe there was nothing idle about her threat.

Sasha freaks out!
At the same party, it didn’t take long for all of the chatter, music and drinking to freak Sasha out.

She told Deanna that this life in Alexandria isn’t reality, and it was clear that some of the survivors aren’t keen to adapt to their new environment. Earlier in the day, when Sasha went out into the woods to do some practice shooting, she became more and more irritated when walkers didn’t come after her.

Have the survivors been out for too long and want to be surrounded by danger and walkers all the time?

There’s only one way to find out. Tune in to FOX every Monday from 20:30 for Immortal Mondays with The Strain and The Walking Dead.