The cast of The Imposter.

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The Imposter shifted gears in last night’s episode (Sunday 10 December) as new revelations came to light. You can watch the episode on DStv Catch Up (for Android and iOS) and your DStv Explora.

Caesar’s childhood

In a confession to Matshepo, Caesar revealed his sad upbringing. Which explains his unholy alliance with Mantwa. And we have to admit we felt a bit sorry for the guy.



By the end of the episode, Caesar was having some type of mental breakdown and it is bound to affect Matshepo’s plan.

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Lerato and Junior

Finally, Lerato confessed her true feelings for Junior (it’s a pity it took Junior’s arrest for her to come clean). With her confession, Lerato has vowed to prove Junior’s innocence.

Lerato has an alliance with Brenda who we have always suspected that she knew something was offish with her employer since Matsepho’s birthday party.



Lerato is now the only person who can solve the case which has left the brightest minds in the police force chasing their own tails. But, if Mantwa finds out her intentions, she will find herself in deep trouble.

Is Mantwa falling for Regi?

In a shocking turn of events, Mantwa appears to be developing feelings for Regi. How will this affect her plan?

Find out what happens next on The Imposter Sunday 17 December on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) and DStv Now at 20:00.