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Living the celebrity life must be a struggle seeing as some stars have chosen to go under the knife or drop a few pounds all in the name of fame.

It’s shocking to see what some celebs look like now compared to what they looked like when they first came into the industry. The change is not always for the better because, in surgery, things don’t always go according to plan as we've seen in Botched, Fridays at 21:00 on E! 

From Mshoza and Lil Kim to Melissa McCarthy and Johan Hill, watch as Mish and Sips discuss amazing celebrity transformations:


In keeping with the major body changes, see as ordinary people battle their weight issues in My 600lb Life Fridays at 20:00 on TLC Entertainment and what happens to all the extra skin left over when people lose weight in My Extreme Excess Skin Fridays at 20:55 on TLC Entertainment.