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The much awaited MTV Video Music Awards is back with a bang in 2016. 

There is always drama at the awards. Whether it's Kanye West bombing Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech or Miley Cyrus (Watch her in The Last Song on Monday 29 August at 19:55 on M-Net Movies All Stars) showing off her twerking skills, the annual event has always delivered moments that had viewers at the edge of their seats. 

We already know that, after more than 10 years, Britney will return to the VMA stage on Monday 29 August at 03:00 (repeat at 21:15) on MTV. We can't help wondering if she'll pull off a showstopper like she did with a python in 2001. 

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In the video below, Sips and Mish discuss their top iconic moments from the VMAs through the ages, including Barbershop: A Fresh Cut (Rent it on BoxOffice) star Nicki Minaj calling out Miley on stage with her "Miley, what's good?" comment. 

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