Ted 2 on DStv Now

Claws, jaws and paws on DStv Now.

Olympic legend Michael Phelps is preparing to launch Discovery Channel’s Shark Week by racing against an actual shark. While details of the event have yet to be released, we’re imagining it more as a good-natured contest between friends than a desperate struggle to outpace a merciless killing machine and somehow make it onto dry land alive.   

Still, could go either way. With that in mind, we’re prepared a playlist of movies featuring animals, ranging from cute and cuddly BFFs to “dude, where’s my arm?”


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Mosquito on Discovery Channel


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Everybody Loves Whales 




Ted 2 


Wolf Totem 

The Eagle Huntress 

TMNT: Out of the Shadows 



Dark Tide 

Jurassic World 


Jaws 2 

Jaws III 

Jaws: The Revenge 

Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid 

Jersey Shore Shark Attack 


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