The Flash looks on.

While we wait for the fourth season of the Flash, there is more for you watch on Showmax and BoxOffice.

In Season 3 of The Flash we saw Barry Allen/Flash sacrifice himself to the speed force. Recently, Season 4 premiered in the US with a few surprises!

Season 4 of The Flash will air on DStv early in 2018, and like everyone else who is a fan of the series, we just can’t wait to see how Team Flash will function without Barry or if they will find a way to bring him back from his prison.

By the look for things, with the new villian Team Flash will need their fearless leader.  



In the meantime you can catch the Season 2 of The Flash on Showmax. Meanwhile, The Flash’s ally, the Green Arrow, has to return to Starling City to face a new foe. Catch the Season 4 of Arrow on Showmax.

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