Actresses Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, executive producer Shonda Rhimes speak onstage during the 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal,' and 'How To Get Away With Murder' panel discussion at the ABC Entertainment portion of the 2015

We’re celebrating Shonda Rhimes Monday evenings on Vuzu AMP with The Fixer and How To Get Away With Murder.

We love Shonda Rhimes and the incredible television shows she’s produced and blessed us with the last few years. These include Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, How To Get Away With Murder, The Fixer, The Catch and Still Star-Crossed.

In her TED Talk based on her book Year of Yes, Shonda mentions that she is responsible for 70 hours of TV a year and that these shows screen in 256 territories, are available in 67 languages and being watched by more than 30 million people worldwide! This is an incredible feat, especially for a black woman working in an industry dominated by white men.

We are so excited two of our favourite Shonda series (The Fixer and How To Get Away With Murder) are back on Vuzu AMP. Both of these shows are being led by black woman. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in the final season of The Fixer, and Viola Davis, who won a Screen Actors Guild and an Emmy award, for her role as Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder.

Through the series that she produces, it’s clear that Shonda is very much in tune with what’s going on in the world politically, economically and socially. She’s fully aware of the injustices and hot topics in the world, and doesn’t shy away from addressing these pressing issues in the storylines of her series.

One thing Shonda’s shows have given us; great quotes! How many times have you said “It’s handled”, when dealing with a crisis? Thank you Olivia Pope.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from The Fixer and How To Get Away With Murder, that we know off by heart and say in our daily lives, when the situation calls for it.

If you want me, earn me – Olivia Pope.

Olivia, he would hurt you. Your father? He would slit your throat and drink your blood if it served the Republic." -Jake

We're family, Olivia. Despite everything. And families, well, they, um they stick together.  – Rowan

In my 22 years in prison, you know what I missed most of all? Really good wine. We always did have that in common.  – Maya Lewis

It's Cyrus. If he's breathing, he's lying. – Abby

This is criminal law 100 or as I prefer to call it 'How to get away with murder' – Annalise

Judge me if you want. Just do it while we're carrying the damn body!  - Laurel

Man, I hack into the police department like every other week for you guys. - Oliver

I'm good at everything I do. – Michaela

You don't get to use people and expect them to stick around. – Eve

He's a normal person, Quinn. We have to protect him. We can't let him be friends with us. - Huck

WATCH: Back-to-back Shonda Rhimes productions on Vuzu AMP, Mondays with The Fixer at 20:00 and How To Get Away With Murder at 21:00.

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