Artwork for Claws S1.

It’s time to get the perfectly manicured nails out for a brand new series you won’t want to miss: Claws S1 starting on Vuzu Amp (103) on Tuesday 22 August at 21:00.

Meet the ladies from Nail Artisan salon in Florida. They’re bold, stylish and above all talented when it comes to making hands look good. Besides their anything-but-average attitudes, there’s another aspect that sets these women apart: they’re laundering money from a neighbouring clinic. From manicures to organised crime, it’s all in a day’s work for these women.

Before you dive into the potentially nail-biting (we advise against this) drama, get to know each lady behind the crimes.

Desna played by Niecy Nash

The owner of Nail Artisan and one of the masterminds behind the scheme, it’s her desperation to achieve her goals of having a bigger salon that sees her enter the world of deceit. When a relationship that went south turns uglier, Desna takes it into her own manicured hands to settle the score.

Polly played by Carrie Preston

This fiery red-headed lady hails from South Carolina and lists professional con artist as her job. She did her time in prison because she swindled money from helpless seniors. With all the drama that surrounds her, she still has time to be protective of Desna – the only positive influence in her life at the moment.

Virginia Loc played by Karrueche Tran

A former prostitute turned manicurist, she was only meant to be a replacement during Polly’s prison time but it seems she’s made quite an impression. Never a part of Desna’s inner circle, it’s the money laundering that brings Virgina closer to the ladies.

Jennifer Husser played by Jenn Lyon

Desna’s best friend is also linked in their deceit, but having lost many loved ones to the life of organised crime, she’s adamant that her husband has no part in it… but it won’t stop her.

Quiet Ann played by Judy Reyes

Not much is known about Quiet Ann except that she’s openly lesbian and the crew’s eyes to make sure their laundering ways aren’t found out. They always say that the quietest ones are the ones to watch and we suspect the same can be said about Ann.

Don’t miss the drama when Claws S1 starts on Vuzu Amp (103) on Tuesday 22 August at 21:00 and enjoy episodes anytime, anywhere on DStv Now.