Emma Watson in a scene from The Circle.

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The Circle

Knowledge is power and power runs this gripping sci-fi thriller starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. A young woman joins a highly influential tech company, but what she uncovers could affect all of humanity.
Starring: Emma Watson, James Ponsoldt, John Boyega and Tom Hanks
Free Fire
There’s no honour amongst criminals in this crime action flick with a talented ensemble cast set in Boston in 1978. An arms deal between two criminal gangs turns into a bloody shootout and a fight for survival.
Starring: Armie Hammer, Ben Wheatley, Brie Larson and Sharlto Copley
Once Upon a Time in Venice
Bruce Willis is a man on a mission in this action comedy. A former Los Angeles detective hunts down the ruthless gang who stole his dog.
Starring: Bruce Willis, Jason Momoa, John Goodman and Mark Cullen
Their Finest
Gemma Artenton leads an acclaimed cast in this quirky WW2-era Britcom. A woman is hired to be a scriptwriter for a film crew during the bombing of London, where she must fight for respect in a male-dominated industry.
Starring: Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton, Lone Scherfig and Sam Claflin

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