African Legacy Project.

This 10-part documentary series that profiles some of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs, starts on Fox Life (DStv Channel 126) on 26 July 2017, at 19:55.

The African Legacy Project explores the world of some of Africa’s most successful business icons and executives.

These individuals have built business and crossed international borders. Coming from humble beginnings and diverse backgrounds, they tell their stories of how they have achieved success and the deliberate steps they took to achieving extraordinary results. They also share some of their worst failures and challenges.

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They have mastered the principles of business, amassed great wealth and, most importantly, are building, sound, lasting legacies. African Legacy Project gives viewers access to these individuals in an intimate setting so that you too may be inspired to pursue your dreams and build your very own legacy.

No matter how big or impossible it may look, these entrepreneurs show that it can be done.

This 10-part documentary series starts on Wednesday 26 July at 19:55 ​on FOX Life (126).