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Terms and Conditions for JOOX offer to DStv customers.

1. Introduction
1.1 These terms and conditions set out the contractual basis upon which DStv Account Holders in South Africa can add a JOOX VIP membership to their DStv account at no additional cost (“DStv JOOX VIP Offer”).
1.2 These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions governing subscription to the MultiChoice Service ("MultiChoice Subscription Terms and Conditions"), available on dstv.com, and the conditions governing use of JOOX (“JOOX User Terms”) available on the JOOX application.

2. Interpretation
Unless these Terms and Conditions otherwise provide, terms used in these Terms and Conditions will have the same meaning as that which they have under the MultiChoice Subscription Terms and Conditions or JOOX User Terms, as the case may be.


3. DStv JOOX VIP Offer
3.1 The DStv JOOX VIP Offer will allow a DStv Account Holder, who has an active DStv Premium, Compact Plus or Compact subscription, to add ONE JOOX VIP membership to their DStv Account at no additional cost.
3.2 The DStv Account Holder can add up to four family members from the same household to their JOOX VIP membership as part of the DStv JOOX VIP Offer.
3.3 This offer terminates 15 October 2019.
3.4 If the DStv Account Holder no longer meets any of the requirements listed in clause 3.1, the DStv Account Holder and each of the family members who subscribed to JOOX VIP membership through the DStv JOOX VIP Offer, will lose access to their JOOX VIP membership.
3.5 Should you not meet the qualifying criteria as per 3.1 above, you may continue to access and stream your favourite music on the JOOX App either as a free JOOX subscriber or a paid for JOOX VIP subscription member.


4. Contacting Us
If you need assistance regarding the JOOX service, including activation of the JOOX VIP membership, please contact JOOX in any manner indicated on the JOOX application (support@joox.co.za or Twitter @JOOXSouthAfrica or Facebook @JOOXSouthAfrica).
5. Amending these Terms and Conditions
We may amend these Term and Conditions from time to time. If we amend the Terms and Conditions, we will notify you in accordance with clause 50, 51 and 52 of MultiChoice Subscription Terms and Conditions.