Get to know the WAGS Atlanta star Telli Swift as she takes us into her life of sports, style and shooting a reality series.

Meet Shuntel "Telli" Swift, she’s caring but takes no nonsense and you can see her on WAGS Atlanta Mondays at 20:00 on E! Entertainment and streaming on DStv Now.

We caught up with the WAGS star to find out what life is like with her heavyweight boxing champion love, Deontay Wilder, shooting for the reality series and everything in-between.


Tell us about WAGS Atlanta and what we can expect?

It’s a reality show (acronym standing for Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) following the lives of women behind athletes. We are a tight circle of friends that empower each other while still supporting our men in their careers as well as maintaining our own. 


What was it like finding out you’d be joining the cast? 

Exciting of course! For us, Deontay was at the prime of his career and I was rebuilding my brand. Where we both were in our lives was perfect timing for us to do something fun and different! 


Can you give us an insight into your fellow WAGS and what we can expect to see on the show?

Every WAG on the show has a different lifestyle. We all may date or be married to an athlete, but we all have different views on life, relationships, raising our children, etc. We bump heads at times, but eventually we come together as women and learn from each other and grow. 


Did it take some time to adjust to having most of your life documented on camera?

It definitely was an adjustment to have my life documented. There were challenging times and private moments that occurred that I would normally share with my family and friends, that I had to share with the world. Over time, I stopped realising the cameras where around and it became easier.


What was shooting for WAGS like – can you share any interesting behind-the-scenes stories? 

With filming a lot of things get cut out, we changed a lot of the direction of the show. There were a lot of little petty arguments that I’m sure all the ladies are glad they’re gone. The south is about hospitality, respect, morals, and values. I’m glad WAGS Atlanta showcased the definition of what it’s like to be a true southern belle. 


In between shooting, how do you like to spend your down time?

Rest & Relaxation! Filming eats up a lot of time and when there’s no cameras around Deontay and I enjoy each other’s company and help build each other to grow our empire. Deontay focuses on his fights, while I focus on my online store ( and app content that has recipes, relationship advice, outfit tips, fitness, and everything.


Can you send a message to WAGS fans in South Africa and why they shouldn’t miss the show?

WAGS Atlanta is AMAZING!  Episodes will be filled with excitement, family values, a little drama that we all enjoy from time to time, but we are all humans and every moment won’t be peaches and cream in the ATL. Make sure you tune in to see the fun adventures of the WAGS on E! 

Watch WAGS Atlanta Mondays at 20:00 on E! Entertainment and streaming on DStv Now.