Queen Of Hearts promo poster.

Telemundo’s latest telenovelas (Queen Of Hearts and Part of Me) are set to capture more hearts and grip fans of DStv on channel 118, this April.

Telemundo’s latest telenovelas Queen Of Hearts and Part of Me are set to capture more hearts and grip fans of DStv 118, this April and May with intriguing story lines and favourite familiar Telemundo faces.

Queen of Hearts premieres on 27 April at 17:10 is set in the glitzy “Sin City” of Las Vegas and features the hit theme song by Latino superstar Enrique Iglesias Bailando. Lead actor Eugenio Siller’s (Aurora) song: Te Espare also features in this bittersweet love story of two doomed lovers.

Reina Ortiz, played by Telemundo newcomer Paola Núñez is a modern day Cinderella, orphaned and living a simple life with her difficult stepmom and stepsister. She meets and falls madly in love with valet - Nicolas Núñez played by Siller, who is waiting to change his luck by winning a big poker game. Tragedy strikes on their wedding day when groom Nicolas does not show up for his wedding. 

Reina then suffers a terrible accident resulting in her losing her memory.

Reina loses eight years of her life and wakes up to find she has a husband and daughter she doesn't recognise and a life of power and luxury she can't begin to understand. Now Reina will have to reconstruct her past, slowly piecing together the puzzle in an atmosphere of secrets, traps and deceit.

Queen of Hearts also stars Behind Closed Doors and Where Is Elisa? actress, Catherine Siachoque as widow Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo, a wealthy film star who together with Victor De Rosas is heavily involved in diamond trafficking.

Can love triumph in a world that centres on gambling, fake weddings and gem trafficking? Tune in to Queen Of Hearts and watch as romance and mystery unfold in a love story that crosses the threshold of memory.

The second telenovela to launch will be the supernatural thriller Part Of Me starting on Telemundo on 11 May at 16:20. It features Telemundo talents familiar to African audiences, viz. David Chocarro from Someone’s Watching, as Diego Ochoa and Jorge Luis Pila from Aurora, playing Gerardo Fonsi and Juan Gerardo Suárez.

The premise of this telenovela is that two women, one from Los Angeles and the other from Mexico share a tragic and supernatural destiny that bind them together even after death. Laura Flores is Monica Serrano, a world-renowned LA pianist with an impressive fortune who dies after the betrayal of her ambitious and deranged niece Elena, and the man she loved, the much younger husband, Gerardo.

But by way of a mysterious talisman, Monica's soul does not want to accept her death and begins to occupy the body of Adriana Aguila, played by María Elisa Camargo, a modest waitress who has died at the hands of a dangerous gangster. In Adriana's body, Monica's soul will do the impossible to defend her children and seek justice to avenge her death, while Adriana's soul wanders hoping to reconcile with her the love of her life, Diego.

Once again true love will triumph even over the biggest obstacle of all – death, in Part Of Me.

Queen Of Hearts airs every weekday at 17:10 from 27 April, while Part Of Me will air from Monday 11 May at 16:20 only on Telemundo on DStv channel 118.