Tutankhamun S1 Ep1

Interview with Francis Hopkinson and Catherine Oldfield.

Tutankhamun, starring Max Irons and Sam Neill, captivated audiences with its premiere on ITV Choice (123) last week.  

Filmed in South Africa’s Northern Cape and based on the captivating story of archaeologist Howard Carter,  the series continues Thursdays at 20:00 on ITV Choice (123) as audiences get to tag along for the incredible ride of thethe discovery of an Ancient Egypt’s forgotten pharaoh, the boy-king Tutankhamun. You can also catch it on DStv Catch Up.

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Executive producers Francis Hopkinson and Catherine Oldfield spoke about their experiences working on the series:

“Ever since the 20s, people have just loved the story,” said Catherine, “it has great passion”. 

Creating a miniature set in the hot and dry Northern Cape, it took 10 weeks to build the version of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. “We had brilliant a production design team,” said Francis, “the entire set was so precise”.

When asked what they adored most about the experience, Francis noted how he enjoyed working on such a high quality production as well as “the sheer scale of it”. With regards to challenges, Catherine admitted she was petrified of meeting a scorpion on the blistering hot set - but luckily she didn’t.


“We’re all sticklers for research,” said Francis about creative license on the show, “we did add in some romance.” " [I]t was hinted at in historical letters,” Catherine added. “There were historians on set and the script was read by world experts,” said Francis, speaking about how the show’s content passed all the tests when it came to the original story.

The pair noted that they were most proud of the beauty captured and how it was portrayed in the final product.

The final product looks incredible indeed so tune in to Tutankhamun on ITV Choice (123), Thursdays at 20:00 and on DStv Catch Up.