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Taken, S1

Can the new Taken guy compare to Liam Neeson?

It has been said time and time again that Liam Neeson has a certain set of skills and he will find you if you kidnap anyone he loves. We've seen him kick some serious butt in Taken 1, 2 and 3 - and still come out stronger every time.

No one can take him on - or can they? There's officially a new Taken man in town (although technically he's just the yonger version).

In the new Taken series (starting on Thursday 9 March at 20:30 on M-Net), we meet Bryan Mills as a youngster (before he had a daughter and she got kidnapped and you know the story...) newly recruited as a kicker of butts (or CIA agent if you prefer).

The actor who is going to emcompass the young Liam Neeson is British actor Clive Standen. We know Liam is the ultimate cool cat in Taken so let's see if newbie will do him justice:

Exhibit A: Hard cold stare

Old Bryan Mills:

New Bryan Mills:

Yes we approve, and they look so alike! Moving on.


Exhibit B: Kicking butt

Old Bryan Mills:

New Bryan Mills:

Yes he can clearly do this thing.


Exhibit C: Can he find you and kill you?

Old Bryan Mills:

New Bryan Mills:


SOLD! Stream Taken S1 on M-Net (101) on Thursdays from 9 March at 20:30. You can also Catch Up with DStv Now if you miss it!