Artwork for DStv Holiday Viewing - take DStv with you on holiday.

Take DStv with you on holiday and never miss a moment again.

Going on holiday? Take DStv with you to never miss a moment of the best in local and international entertainment. Let us show you how easy it is to not miss out on your holiday viewing.

Choose the option that works best for you below:

How to switch

Switch DStv on at your holiday home and switch your DStv off at your main home. Your billing will remain the same while you enjoy the best in entertainment.

Simply dial *120*68584# from your mobile phone to switch on DStv at your holiday home.  Select option 5 to manage your viewing and then option 2 to switch your DStv.

Prefer to manage your services online? Switch your DStv to your holiday home by logging in to your My DStv account on Self Service.


How to activate

Want to have DStv at both your main home and holiday home? Simply activate DStv at your holiday home and get ready to have a relaxing session of binge watching.

Choosing this option will affect your billing. You will find a charge for the number of days you watched on your next billing statement, so make sure to deactivate before you leave!

Simply dial *120*68584# from your mobile phone to activate DStv at your holiday home.  Select option 5 to manage your viewing and then option 2 to activate your DStv.

Alternatively log in to My DStv on Self Service to complete the process online.

You can set the number of viewing days from 2 to 30 – choose the number you require.


How to take DStv with you

You can take your decoder and smartcard with you to connect at your holiday home – you will not be charged additionally. We do not recommend this option though as the installation at your holiday home may differ from your main home resulting in Catch Up and BoxOffice not working. Rather watch live TV channels and DStv Catch Up on your tablet or laptop with DStv Now.


How to watch DStv Now

No TV or decoder at your holiday home? Eliminate the FOMO by watching live TV and DStv Catch Up with DStv Now. Simply download the DStv Now app for your iOS or Android device or access DStv Now online. Stream live DStv channels or download episodes of your favourite series or movies on Catch Up to watch offline later (available for 30 days) with the app.

Remember, you will need an active internet connection to enjoy streaming on DStv Now – either wifi or mobile data (standard data rates will apply). No internet? No problem, just download your favourite series or movies on the app on Catch Up to watch offline later.

Now that we’ve sorted out your holiday viewing, take a look at our latest must-watch playlists to discover what to watch.