This touching documentary tells the stories of swimmers from developing countries who dreamed of competing at the Olympics.

Eroi from Rwanda would train in lakes and watch videos on the internet to improve his swimming technique. Sisters Shajan and Sajina from the Maldives had to train in the ocean because swimming pools are inaccessible and reserved for tourists. Sofia from Nepal could only swim in the summertime because it’s too cold to swim in the Himalayan winters.

These are just some of the incredible athletes that you’ll meet in Lane 0: The Lane of Dreams, a fascinating documentary that tells the story of a team of swimmers from developing nations pushing to qualify for the Olympics. Watch it now »

Even without facilities or coaching, these athletes would not stop chasing their dreams, which was to represent their countries at the highest level of the sport at the Olympic Games.

The team comes together at a world-class training facility in Thailand for the first time, and under the guidance of a brilliant coach, they start smashing their own personal best records with each new training session.

They face incredible odds against highly experienced swimming nations, but they won’t be deterred and the coach won’t let them slack off for a second. For most of them, if they succeed, it would be the first time anyone from their country qualified to swim at the Olympics.

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