Women who are tired of waiting for the men in their lives to pop the question take matters into their own hands and arrange a wedding behind his back.

VIA (DStv Channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now - popular, Safta-nominated reality show Kom ons trou, nou! returns for a second season on  Thursday 17 May at 20:00. In this show, women who are tired of waiting for the men in their lives to pop the question take matters into their own hands and arrange a wedding behind his back. Will he say yes when she surprises him in her wedding dress and tells him that all the guests are waiting for them to walk down the aisle? This time our brides are supported by the presenter Laré Birk, an actress who has been a bridesmaid seven times and knows how to deal with anxious brides. We chatted to her about her new role as wingwoman to 13 brides.

You have been a bridesmaid more than seven times. Please tell us more.

This is true. It has been an amazing privilege to be honoured by my nearest and dearest in this way. Your wedding day is a speck in time that encapsulates so much meaning and magic. I loved sharing these special moments with my friends.

Are the any specific lessons that these experiences have taught you?

A woman’s wedding day is the one day that you get to feel safe and surrounded by love. You are supposed to be surrounded by everyone you hold dear. The day revolves around you and your loved one, honouring a commitment. These are things that one should never forget.

How does one support and help an anxious bride?

You should remind her about the true meaning of the day. The small things always have a way of causing stress. A marriage is a new chapter, an adventure and a true, forever friendship. These things should bring their focus back to the essence of the day.

What is the one thing that one should never say to a stressed bride?

It is vital to never tell a bride to calm down. This doesn’t achieve anything and only makes her more aware of her anxiety.

Do you think that more women should take the liberty to pop the big question?

I think that it all depends on the relationship type. If any woman believes that her and her partner are ready to take the next step, then she should go for it!

Which aspects of filming Kom ons trou, nou! did you enjoy the most?

I loved getting to know the brides. Every episode plays host to a different relationship dynamic. Every story is gripping and moving.

What did you find most challenging?

The emotional aspect of the programme really gets to me. One gets so invested in every bride and her desire to unify herself with her partner.

What can viewers look forward to?

Every episode is unique and different. Everything is perfectly captured. The programme combines emotional and entertaining aspects.

What is next for Laré Birk?

There are many new and exciting things in the pipeline. The future holds what the future holds.

If you were to get married, would you be able to pop the question? 

I have contemplated the idea plenty of times! I guess it depends on my relationship with my partner. A boutique style wedding sounds like a perfect wedding to me!

New episodes of Kom ons trou, nou! can be seen on Thursdays at 20:00 on VIA (DStv channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now with repeats on Saturdays at 21:00.


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