A scene from Superstore

Superstore Season 3 comes to DStv soon. Indulge in the easiest, funniest hit of retail therapy ever by streaming Seasons 1 and 2 on Showmax now.

Welcome to the microcosm of Cloud 9, the American mega-store where a group of oddball employees grudgingly stock the shelves, avoid customers, flirt with one another, and get up to ridiculous pranks to keep their spirits up while they deliver the bounty of everything from toothbrushes to inflatable swimming pools - after all, more is more - to the people who throng the aisles.


Each employee has their own special super-quirk. America Ferrera’s Amy changes her name tag daily so that customers don’t ever know her real name; Garrett, the wheelchair-bound store announcer, pulls off some awe-inspiring pranks, including arranging store mannequins that look like newbie Jonah all over the store in compromising positions; obsessive Mateo is so incapable of conceding victory to anyone else that he fights a colleague tooth and nail for a couch that a customer died on; Dinah, the scary assistant store manager, has such a major crush on Jonah that she even gets herself demoted to spend more time with him; and Cheyenne, a heavily pregnant teen, has the most incredible dance moves you’ve ever seen.


And presiding over all the chaos is their very nice boss Glenn. But at the end of Season 1, he realises that there’s such a thing as being too nice…

Cloud 9’s waiting for you - catch up on seasons 1 and 2 of Superstore on Showmax before Season 3 comes to DStv.


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