Supa Strikas on Disney XD

New season on Disney XD.

Supa Strikas are back for another season of heart-thumping, fist-pumping, shin guard-crunching football action!

Join Shakes, Dancing Rasta, and the rest of the team as they think, battle, and sometimes stumble their way through underwater showdowns, alien encounters, martial arts soccer, sinking icebergs, reality TV and virtual reality ninjas. 

And that’s all before the starting whistle!

Our returning champions are going to have to up their game BIG TIME,  because the opposition are pulling out all the stops to beat  them to the one spot: From cannon ball throw-ins to unstoppable formations, robotic defenders to the world’s  loudest stadium, it’s going to be a challenging  Super League season, to say the least. 

And it’s going to take every bit of skill, smarts and determination Supa Strikas have, and maybe even more than that, to keep the trophy at Strikaland.

Because, in this league, being the best is only the beginning.

Catch your favourite Supa Strika football stars in a brand new season starting Saturday 23 January at 9:00 on Disney XD (304).

Whet your appetite by checking out this montage of hardcore training moments from the series