Kerry Washington

Watch season 7 of The Fixer starting tonight.

Watch Olivia Pope in the final season of The Fixer airing on Monday 22 January at 21:00 on Vuzu Amp. Also available on DStv Now. 

We love this series because one of the most important things Shonda Rhimes has done is to shatter stereotypes. Like having a female president in the white house as we saw Mellie Grant become the president in the recent season. 

She’s also put Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) as a black female lead. As she did with Annalise (Viola Davis) in How To Get Away With Murder. Watch HTGAWM season 4 returning straight after The Fixer at 22:00.  Shonda Rhimes confirmed that viewers can look forward to a crossover between the two series, how exciting!

Did you know?
The fan’s loyal followers are called gladiators. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible style of Kerry Washington: