Poster for Bomb City

This critically acclaimed film about the deadly clash of two sub-cultures in a small Texas town is first and only on Showmax.

You might have heard or read about the death of Brian Deneke in the town of Amarillo, Texas, which is nicknamed “Bomb City” for its nuclear weapons facility. Brian was a member of the local punk rocker group who had suffered harassment and taunting at the hands of Amarillo’s teenage football players for years.

One night in 1997, Brian and his friends decided they had had enough, and fought back against the jocks when a brawl erupted in a parking lot. And that’s when everything changed for the town of Amarillo.

As this viscerally emotional movie shows, Brian was tragically killed in a hit and run that night by one of the football players. In the trial that followed, we see how biased the townsfolk were against the group of punk rockers, who are portrayed as “armed goons”. Instead of meting out justice for Brian’s death, an out-and-out hate crime, the jury decided to give the defendant a fine and a suspended sentence for “voluntary manslaughter”.

Find out how this groundbreaking court case went on to affect the reputation of the American justice system, and Brian’s family and friends in the beautiful, haunting film Bomb City, praised by critics and winner of numerous awards, only on Showmax. Watch now »

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