2 men walk on beach tied together with a rope

Tied together at the waist, two very different strangers must endure the elements, the hostile wildlife, and each other’s personalities, while needing warmth, food and water.

Survival fact: complete strangers are forced to work together in the wild in 53% of all survival situations. If they split up, their chances of survival decrease by more than half.

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Tethered starts Monday 13 November at 20:10 on Discovery Family DStv channel 136. It's a reality series where two polar-opposite survival experts will endure 21 days in one of Earth’s harshest environments. Tied together at the waist by a 6ft steel cable, they must endure the elements, the hostile wildlife, and each other’s hugely different personalities, while needing warmth, food and water. The goal is to reach the rescue point where they will be extracted from their hellish experience. Getting there however, is the real challenge. 

If you like this kind of show, you might also enjoy Naked and Afraid Tuesdays at 22:00 on Discovery Channel (DStv 121), where a pair of complete strangers, one man and one woman, find themselves stranded in, and quite literally exposed to, the world's most extreme weather environments.

Also on Discovery Channel (DStv 121), you can watch The Island with Bear Grylls, Tuesdays at 21:00, where famed adventurer Bear Grylls abandons 16 British men and women on a remote, uninhabited Pacific Island.  With only their clothes and some basic tools, they need to survive the month without the conveniences of modern living. 

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by Alice da Silva