An image of Dave Filoni, Executive Producer of Star Wars Rebels.

With the second season of Star Wars Rebels every Saturday throughout April at 15:30 on Disney XD executive producer Dave Filoni takes us through what it takes to create this series.

Dave, who enjoys the show, has been creating Star Wars projects for 10 years. He says the story is getting bigger and the stakes are also getting higher, “Right now, it feels like we’re going into an Empire Strikes Back era for our characters in Rebels. The first year was A New Hope – but all of the characters are going through different trials now, which is our Empire Strikes Back era.”

Believe it or not, there are meanings behind the names of the characters. "When I get in the room with the writers, I like to point out that the names in Star Wars are very purposeful – but when you get into the Expanded Universe, they often become very odd and contain a lot of x, y, z’s and hyphens. That’s all fine, but when you’re in a medium like we are, I like to think about the names."

“Hera is a very purposeful name for the type of character that she is. Chopper is a destructive little character that causes problems; he chops things up.”

Dave describes Darth Vader as “a mountain of fear, hate and power.” Darth Vader plays a significant role in Star Wars and a lot of thought goes behind safeguarding his legacy.

“One of the interesting things about incorporating Vader into the animation is the fact that we’re not encumbered by what the suit limitations were as far as fighting goes.”

“If you watch the trailer for Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, you can see that [animation supervisor] Keith Kellogg and the animation team did a meticulous job of studying his fighting style [in the movies], so that it’s very true to the stature and the power that Vader has.”

“He’s just a mountain of fear, hate and power – and that’s what we try to throw at Kanan and Ezra when they encounter him.”

Character decisions are made through a filter of people at the Story Group (Lucasfilm). “Everybody reads the script. Together, we make sure that we’re not going too far with things; that we’re not undermining things that are happening in other places that we don’t know about.”

When asked about the number of season's he though Star Wars Rebels could continue for he said he wasn't sure because initially he thought it was a two-year job.

“I’ve been there 10 years now, so you never know. As long as there’s a demand for it, we’ll make it. However, I think I do have a little more of an arc in mind for Rebels. We talk about that bigger picture because we are running up to A New Hope. That is a flagpole that we know about, so it’s a question of how would we deal with that incident in the galaxy, should our timeline reach that.”

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