Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central

South Africa’s celebrities took to social media to get behind Trevor Noah after his The Daily Show debut.

Trevor Noah’s debut on The Daily show is causing a whirlwind of awesome SA support. With show airing on Tuesday 29 September at 21:00 on Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122), Comedy Central hosted an exclusive premiere to give SA viewers a taste of things to come.

Understandably, Trevor earned rave reviews from his fellow comedians.

Nicholas Goliath (@nickgoliath) said it was the best show he’s ever seen: “I’m now an avid viewer – Trevor is the perfect person for this job!”

When asked how he felt when he first saw Trevor on screen, he said: “I literally got goosebumps. As a comedian in South Africa I never thought this was possible, Trevor’s shown us that you can do whatever you want, you can be the host of The Daily Show!”

Tats Nkonzo (@TatsNkonzo) described it as "...beautiful. Right amount of risks; perfect amount of funny! We watched him from South Africa and we thought: ‘That’s our guy!’ He was still himself, just amped up!'”

Speaking about his own reaction to Trevor's debut Tatz said: “I stood up like I was there! Standing ovation; it’s just that amazing!”

Dusty Rich (@DustyRichsaid he felt amazed and inspired. “He’s broken the roof so that us little comedic cockroaches can crawl through. We’re gonna have the whole world looking at our stand-ups so I’m excited! We’re absolutely gonna destroy comedy worldwide!”

Meanwhile, many other South African celebs to social media to get show their support for Trevor Noah Day:


Prime Circle


Riaad moosa


Donovan Goliath


Maps Maponyane






You can catch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Tuesday 29 September at 21:00 on Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122).