Cassius Clay.

Get the best Showmax has to offer, because sport is a way of life on DStv.

Showmax is now available at no extra cost with your DStv Premium subscription which means you can now unlock an endless universe of sporting shows.

The programs will give you unlimited access to the private lives of your sporting heroes and we also have shows that will motivate you to get that summer body you have always wanted.

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Sport Stars Uncovered

If watching your favourite superstars on the pitch is just not enough for you, Sport Stars Uncovered is the show for you. In this program, you will be introduced to the controversial lives of sport personalities that will leave you gobsmacked.

Star Block Workout

Summertime is around the corner and it’s time to get operation “Get Summer Body” in full swing. Terroll “Boost” Lewis is here to motivate to get out off the couch and get active. Boost goes around the world challenging ordinary people and celebrities in gruelling workouts, and he does all of this with no gym equipment. Let Boost help you get the body you have always wanted on Star Block Workout.

The Contenders Africa

This show pays homage to the current and football stars from yester-year in the continent of Africa.

I am Ali

Not only was Muhammad Ali one of the greatest boxers to ever lace up boxing gloves, he was also an activist who fought the injustices of segregation. I am Ali gives the viewer an insight to the life of the boxing icon who passed away in 2016.

Terror Mathebula -  The living Legend

Terror Mathebula is the first black world boxing champion during the apartheid era, the documentary highlights his trials and tribulations. Terror Mathebula -  The living Legend  also outlines the unsung hero’s talent and his desire to become the best.

Sport is the name of the game on Showmax for  DStv Premium custormers.