An image of the moon and earth from space.

NASA's Unexplained Files have us wondering about the depths of space and questioning everything. Here's what we'd like to know more about.

I can’t be the only person totally fascinated by what’s beyond our planet? That’s why NASA’s Unexplained Files starting on Thursday 14 December at 20:10 on Discovery Family (DStv Channel 136) is up my alley. I’m a space nerd at heart and learning new things about our galaxy and beyond is fascinating.

NASA’s Unexplained Files sees the series share details from the archives of the world’s top space agency. Fascinating facts are divulged with equally incredible CGI footage to have you in awe. From unexplained transmissions heard by the Apollo astronauts to questioning sightings, it’s a must-watch show.

Of course this got me thinking about some questions I have about space. There’s a lot I’d still like to know which I hope will be answered on the show – or eventually answered one day. Here they are.

Why didn’t we return to the moon?

From sending a little spacecraft to orbit Saturn for many, many years to sending humans to live on Mars, we’re making leaps and bounds… but why have we not returned to the moon? Apparently it’s too expensive to return but is that really the case? Surely we’d like to see if anything has changed or developed since the 1969 moon landing with Neil Armstrong. Also, can the question of why Neil only offered a handful of interviews about the experience – seriously, I’d be talking about the happenings all the time.


What is Dark Energy?

The Hubble Space Telescope brought upon some interesting info in the 90s: galaxies were moving far away from our own galaxy, The Milky Way. They didn’t think it was a normal speed but an accelerated form. What is giving the galaxies that extra push to speed away from us? We still don’t know and it remains a topic of research. This movement force has been dubbed as ‘Dark Energy’ by scientists.

What happens in a black hole?

We have theories of what occurs in a black hole, but we have no clue for real. Black holes are areas (this being an understatement) of space that have enormous pull that sucks everything in its way into its centre – including light. Everything that enters a black hole never truly disappears so where does it end up?

To blow your mind, we do have information on the most massive black hole discovered by humans at the present time: it’s 250 million light years from Earth and in size it’s about 17 billion suns large and is located inside the galaxy NGC 1277. In case you’re wondering, our sun is about 109 times bigger in diameter than Earth.


Are we alone?

A question that always causes debate – are we the only intelligent life in our entire universe? There are trillions of galaxies in the visible universe with their own stars and planets. Whether the planets have intelligent life forms is something we still don’t know and we have no idea if we ever will in our current existence. All we do know is that scientists continue to scan the vast distance of space and have yet to find any radio signals.

Have a question you’d like answered? Watch NASA’s Unexplained Files starting on Thursday 14 December at 20:10 on Discovery Family (DStv Channel 136) to see what unfolds.  

By Michelle Govender