Lifetime has no shortage of steamy stories to share, such as with My Sordid Affair that turns an eye to spouses that stray.

If you're hooked on Lifetime as we are, then you know that a good handful of their movies deal with the tales of infidelity and straying lovers. Now be witness to the sharing of steamy secrets in mini-movies with My Sordid Affair that looks at all of this starting on Monday 7 May at 20:05 on Lifetime and streaming on DStv Now.

What makes a person's eye wonder and stray from their one true-love? While we may never know, these short films look into how the stories unfold for many others who have to grapple with a cheating spouse. 

It's not only Brad and Jennifer or Kristen and Robert who have been down this path. Watch the ordinary wives and husbands whose infidelities lead to devastation. Each story takes us on an emotionally raw journey, from the allure of innocent flirtation to passion-fuelled sexual indiscretion and ultimately, the sharp consequences of their actions.

Watch My Sordid Affair Monday 7 May at 20:05 on Lifetime and streaming on DStv Now.

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