Blindfolded girl's face being touched by man

Murders are often tricky to solve, and they can become twice as hard when there are mysteries not only surrounding the killer, but the victims as well.

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In baffling online investigations, police are forced to reconstruct the life of the victim piece by piece to uncover the shocking truths.

In the new series, Murder Online, a vengeful 15-year-old goes missing after launching a bitter online war with his ex-girlfriend and her new man. But is this a runaway case or something more sinister? Detectives have no choice but to scour his texting history and social media profiles to find out the real story.

And in the wake of a broken marriage, a 28-year-old woman’s chance to find love again online has a fatal ending. Police must follow her digital trail through different chat rooms to uncover the killer. By re-enacting the victim’s life, the devastating truth is revealed.

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