Simonia Magardie, presenter of Nisboere

Simonia Magardie is passionate about the upliftment of South African women. Stream live on DStv Now.

Simonia Magardie, presenter of Nisboere on VIA (DStv channel 147) Mondays at 20:00 and streaming live on DStv Now takes us on a journey.

In season three, she introduces us to local entrepreneurs that practice small scale farming. Simonia is passionate about the upliftment and empowerment of South African women.  She took the time to chat about her involvement with Nisboere as well as the challenges she faced as a presenter.

Explain to us what the program Nisboere is about:

Nisboere documents normal people that practice abnormal farming tecniques within the farming community. These farmers take the time to share their unique success stories.

Did you enjoy the production process of Nisboere?

It is an honour to present alongside the TV personalities Anrich Herbst and Chris de Clerq. They are very professional and are two of the most down-to-earth people that I have ever met.

Which elements can viewers look forward to?

Viewers should be looking forward to seeing people that think out of the box. The individuals that we met are all very creative and ambitious.

Did you learn anything from the farmers that you interviewed?

The one thing that stuck with me is that the limit of human endurance has never been reached. The farmers, their initiatives and endurance impressed me so much. It has helped me to strengthen my own life’s philosophy.  

You are an academic. How did you end up as a presenter?

I have a doctorate in Sosiolinguistics. Most of my qualifications revolve around communicative studies. I have almost 20 years of experience within the industry. I have featured on RSG as well as the department of news and actuality at SABC. I find TV to be  new and exciting.

Tell us some more about your career as an academic. Which subjects intrigue you the most?

I am currently working as a communications manager. I also host ad hoc classes that revolve around many fields such as communication studies, education and gender studies.

How do you feel about the female roles within South African farming communities?

I feel that more should be done to include women within the South African commercial farming sector. Women should be motivated to join in farming studies and practices.

Do you have any advice for females that want to become entrepreneurs?

I am not an entrepreneur but I reckon that passion, thorough research and enabling oneself to understand the relevant industries are all elements that contribute to the success of any entrepreneur. Willingness to learn and to work hard are also two key elements.

Which Nisboere story will stay with you?

I fell in love with the Lavender story. In the first episode we investigate a man that did not have enough money to buy his wife flowers. He improvised and started to rear a Lavender field. Today he is the proud owner of a Lavender plantation.

New episodes of Nisboere can be viewed on Mondays at 20:00 with repeats on Sundays at 19:30, only on VIA (DStv channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now 

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