Silicon Valley artwork

The latest season of quirky comedy Silicon Valley is now streaming only on Showmax.

Showmax is the only streaming service in SA with the latest season of HBO’s award-winning geek comedy, and if you’ve never followed Richard and his eclectic group of fellow tech geniuses on their journey to start-up fame and fortune, now’s the perfect time to log in and start bingeing.

Do you have a dream of launching an app that will make you so much money, you’ll be able to retire before you’re 40? Then Silicon Valley, Seasons 1 to 4, is a must-watch because it’ll dash your dream faster than you can say “Pied Piper”.

That’s the name of the app invented by excruciatingly shy, mild-mannered Richard Hendricks, a young computer whizz kid with zero business acumen. He originally intended the app as a way to determine if your music was copyright or not, but as soon as he pitched it to Peter Gregory, a venture capitalist, the true value of Pied Piper - its revolutionary data compression algorithm - is what made Richard hot property in Silicon Valley. For about two minutes.

He got a team together and started getting excited to grow the business, but, almost immediately, the running of Pied Piper became less a dream and more a hassle-filled nightmare for reclusive Richard.

And by Season 4, when you throw video-chat functionality into the mix (and onto the app), Richard’s nightmare starts getting deeper and darker. And that’s before you get into the issue of who the next CEO should be once Richard has stepped down.

If all this sounds too techy and/or Millennial for you, don’t go yet. Silicon Valley has won multiple Emmys and Critics’ Choice Awards, has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for Seasons 2 through 4, and has been praised by critics as tapping into that elusive thing, “a wide audience”. Plus, Bill Gates said that the nerds’ difficulties in pitching their idea to investors reminded him of his own experiences. Episodes are all under 30 minutes long, making them perfect for a light-hearted comedy binge-fest.

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