TV show episodes inspired by popular music? Sign us up for more! We've got all the details on BET's brand new show Tales.

Introducing the brand new drama anthology series - Tales premiering on Monday 29 October at 21:30 on BET and streaming online on DStv Now. Tales tells stories inspired by popular hip-hop songs from notable artists such as The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Fetty Wap and many others.

With such a unique take on fusing music and television, it got us thinking about other songs we'd love to have inspire stories. Here are some across different genres we'd like to see come to life.

Autobiography - Nicki Minaj


"May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic. My voice projected my life reflected" are the starting lyrics to Nicki Minaj's Autobiography from her Sucka Free mixtape released in 2008 which sets the tone for the song.
Yes, we've heard from Minaj herself about her struggles growing up and she even opened up about the son she was meant to have, but could you imagine this play out in an episode of Tales? Perhaps we're being selfish, but could Minaj play herself in the re-telling of her early years? We know acting is a passion of hers too. This song paints the hardship, her efforts and resilience.
One Bad Night - Hayley Kiyoko
When it comes to beautiful music videos, Hayley Kiyoko sure does serve up the visuals. One Bad Night does have a music video, but the song itself and meaning could inspire so many angles for an episode of Tales. The strong message of acceptance and being true to yourself that stemmed from the original music video can extend through to a longer look at what else took place. 
Heaven Wasn't Made For Me - Terror Jr
Now that we've realised that Kylie Jenner is not the leader singer of Terror Jr - even though we kinda wanted her to be - we can focus on their music. Heaven Wasn't Made For Me would be the perfect intro or outro song for an episode inspired by it. Imagine all the bright, neon visuals against a dark, edgy backdrop of a city. We're plenty here for it and so are you.
We could probably continue looking at more songs we'd love to have inspire episodes of Tales, but we'd be here forever. Watch Tales premiering on Monday 29 October at 21:30 on BET and streaming online on DStv Now..