Being Bonang S2

Never one to disappoint, season two of Being Bonang gave us a deeper look into the glam life of South Africa's finest - Bonang Matheba.

There's no surprise why she's known as the "Queen of Media", there's nothing Bonang Matheba can't rock at. Season two of Being Bonang served us many reasons why she's adored in the entertainment industry, and why she'll continue to be loved as Queen B. 

With the finale of Being Bonang on Friday 27 July at 19:30 on 1Magic and streaming on DStv Now, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and see how we were served life every week. 

Can we do a young throwback to that time Bonang said there'd be no season two... it's cool B, we knew you were just keeping us in suspense. We forgive you.

Then this tweet landed on our timelines, and all was great again!


After all, we knew that this meant we could all channel our inner Bonang - yes darling!


We got to see her do what she does best such as hosting Miss South Africa


We were shown #FriendshipGoals - where can we find besties like Lorna and Bonang


Jay Badza served some truths, because... why not? Sometimes you need to be given the hard facts. We had to even include a throwback to season one here (watch season one online on Showmax). 



Oh, and let's not forget when Queen B announced her new clothing line... we were never ready! Give the people what they want - she sure did!


Season two did not disappoint! 


Here's to more Bonang Matheba energy and sparkle! For now, let's not miss the finale of Being Bonang on Friday 27 July at 19:30 on 1Magic and streaming on DStv Now

By Michelle Govender