Brody Jenner, sex with brody

See what Brody Jenner has to say about his show, Sex with Brody, on E!.

Ever had something awkward on your mind but there was no one you could ask? Well Brody Jenner and his merry men on Sex with Brody are here to save you. Sex with Brody on E! has had jaws dropping. And no, it’s not just because he’s pretty fine but it’s because there is no question out of bounds!

We had a chat to Brody about his show, embarrasing things and Victoria Beckham. 

“It’s kinda like love line, I wanted people to be able to call in,” says Brody, “and we can talk about a ‘taboo subject’.

We get a ton of different awkward questions – but I don’t want to spoil any surprises,” he chuckles.

“But, for instance, if you’re getting a massage and it ends with a happy ending, is that cheating? It’s technically just a muscle,” he says, “And these are the questions we want people at home to discuss with their partners. We want to open up those topics.”

With so many risky topics being raised, Brody is sure to spark some interesting debates. And with this type of dicsussion, he says you can’t take yourself too seriously: “You definitely need to be able to laugh at yourself – you know, sometimes you just have to say ‘Wow, you’re such an idiot’ and laugh about it.”

As for who he would love to guest star on his show, Brody exclaims: “Posh Beckham! She never talks about her sex life – but we wouldn’t go too hard on her.”

Brody says that he feels both genders discuss sex at length with their close friends, but he thinks girls are a little more excited to chat on the topic: “My girlfriend comes home from friends’ houses with some pretty elaborate stories!” But don’t be fooled, Sex with Brody covers all from both sides, and no one is left out.

“My advice is ridiculous!” states Brody, talking about calls-ins. “I usually go with what I know 90% of my friends think, but if it’s something I personally feel strongly about, I’ll speak my mind.” So get ready to have some questions answered and get comfortable to speak about the uncomfortable!

Catch Brody in Sex with Brody on E! Entertainment, channel 124 on DStv, at 22:30 on Saturdays.