A group of people standing behind a hanging noose.

The real stories of America's most horrific crimes, every Saturday on Investigation Discovery, stream live on DStv Now.

America has seen some of the most horrific crimes, many are left unsolved, but for most of the culprits – justice has been served.

Find out the real stories on Serial Killer Saturdays every Saturday on Investigation Discovery (DStv 171), and stream live on DStv Now,  from Saturday, 6 January at 22:00.

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A new exclusive series block on Investigation Discovery – Serial Killer Saturdays – takes a deeper look into some of America’s most horrific serial killers. They go under the spotlight with a series of documentaries exploring each of their unique stories and examining how the events unfolded.

There is a once-off special, Son Of Sam, which re-examines the remarkable case of a crazed killer that shook New York 40 years ago, and those whose lives were transformed by the tragic events tell their story. The offender, David Berkowitz, was known for targeting young couples parked in cars late at night.

Most wrongdoers tend to shy away from any attention, but Dating Game Killer documents serial killer Rodney Alcala, who appeared as a contestant on a popular game show during the time of his murder spree. He was suspected of as many as 130 murders in the US from the late ‘60s to the ’70s.

To close off, in 1893 America, Dr. H.H. Holmes owned a building called the World’s Fair Hotel, a mixed-use building which was never truly open for business. It was later nicknamed The Murder Castle when it was found out that Dr. Holmes designed the ‘hotel’ to entrap young, unsuspecting women and murder them.

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