The cast of The Best Man Holiday, including Taye Diggs, Nia Long and Morris Chestnut

The last time we saw Harper Stewart, Lance Sullivan and the rest of their friends, was a very long time ago – 1999 in fact.

We are so excited for The Best Man Holiday, premiering on DStv tonight at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere!

The last time we saw Harper Stewart, Lance Sullivan and the rest of their friends, was a very long time ago – 1999 in fact.

There were flashbacks, a bust-up at a bachelor party, a best-selling tell-all that revealed all of Harper’s secrets and eventually a wedding.

Now, more than 10 years later, the characters Malcolm D. Lee brought to life in The Best Man, reunite again over the Christmas holidays. And when you tune in to M-Net Movies Premiere at 20:30 tonight, you can find out what’s happened to everyone: is Jordan still single? Are Lance and Mia still married? Is Harper the successful writer we thought he could be?

We waited a very long time for The Best Man Holiday, and it doesn’t disappoint, just like these movie sequels that have been worth the wait:

Before Sunset
Nine years after we were introduced to Jesse and Celine, they reunite in the world’s most romantic city - the city of lights, Paris.

In the first movie Before Sunrise, which was also filmed by Richard Linklater, we joined them as they journeyed to Vienna and spent an amazing time in the city getting to know each other.

Now in Before Sunset, we get to see how their lives have changed in the years since Before Sunrise and if fate will keep them together, or see them go their separate ways.

And the great thing about Before Sunset is that the magic is still there between Jesse and Celine - it's like they've not been apart since they met.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
In 1987, Oliver Stone released his movie Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko. Douglas delivered a phenomenal performance, one for which he was credited with the Academy Award for Best Actor.

And then 23 years later, at the height of Shia LaBeouf’s career, came the sequel starring LaBeouf (as Jacob) and Douglas, where Jacob tried to help Gekko reconcile with his daughter, who was also Jacob’s fiancée.

This role was portrayed by Carey Mulligan, who won a Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is one of Oliver Stone's best opening movies in theatre.

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
The late 2000s was the height of Shia LaBeouf’s career and he joined another legendary actor in one of the most famous dirt and dust movies of all time – the Indiana Jones franchise.

Almost 20 years since the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana and his son Mutt (played by LaBeouf) join forces against Soviet agents in the search for a crystal skull.

Not only was the acting and storyline on par with the other Indiana Jones movies, but the thrill and adventure of Indiana Jones and his son was well received at the box office.

Make sure to book your front row seat with DStv tonight for The Best Man Holiday, when it premieres at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere.