Man with helmut on unicycle

Watch the mishaps featuring fearless individuals from around the world, and learn the science behind their failures.

In Season 5 of Science of Stupid on National Geographic Channel (DStv Channel 181), and stream live on DStv Now, from Sunday 14 January at 20:05, you will be amazed by the double-bills of humiliating failures.

You'll be surprised when you visit the Outdoor & Survival Shows Playlist as you see that one person's weird is another person's wonderful. 

Dallas Campbell introduces a host of new mishaps, featuring fearless, if foolhardy individuals from around the world and then explains the science behind their failures and humiliations using bespoke animations and super slow motion cinematography.

Now you can be mesmerized in every episode while watching numerous clips of misadventure as ordinary people fail in extraordinary ways.

Some of the stupid ways in which people fail include activities such as canoeing, bungee jumping, jumping a river or arm-wrestling.

These are some of the objects involved when things go horribly wrong: blindfolds, beer kegs, skateboards and kettlebells.

Science of Stupid shares all the ways there are to injure and humiliate yourself so you’ll know not to try these at home.

Visit the Outdoor & Survival Shows Playlist to see the odd stuff people get paid to do, or stranger yet, do for the love of it!

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by Alice da Silva