Saving the day before school is all in a day's work for Penn Zero and his friends.

Ready for some fun and action? Jump into Penn Zero’s world where being a part-time hero isn’t as easy as it seems.

We’re here to give you the lowdown about Disney XD’s (DStv Channel 304) Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero premiering on Monday 16 October at 16:50.

Saving the day

Being a part-time hero isn’t easy Penn Zero soon finds out after he unexpectedly inherits his parents’ job: being a part-time hero. Zapping into many different dimensions, Penn takes on the role of hero in each world to save the day. Penn isn’t alone as his friends Boone (part-time Wiseman) and Sashi (part-time sidekick) join in to help save each world.  

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Of course life isn’t easy for Penn as he has to deal with part-time villain Rippen – who happens to be his school art teacher too! Rippen is joined by his own no-good part-time sidekick, Larry – also principal of the school Penn attends.

It looks like it’s no easy feat to save the day but Penn will stop at nothing during his Part-Time hero duties.

The Part-Time Heroes

It’s time to take a look at who’s who in the Part-Time hero zoo.

Penn Zero: If you’re wondering why you may recognise the voice behind Penn, it’s because Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch provides it. With his parents as full-time heroes, it was only obvious that Penn would follow suit – even for part-time. After his parents are trapped in the “Most Dangerous World Imaginable" world by part-time villain Rippen he lives with his Aunt Rose and Uncle Chuck. This is when he teams up with his friends to travel through dimensions kicking butt and saving lives.

Boone Wiseman: brought to life by Pitch Perfect’s Adam DeVine, Wiseman is the quick wits of the bunch. With unconventional thoughts and methods, there’s a reason he’s around – even if it can sometimes cause frustration. Not the brightest crayon in the box, his out there ideas make for some effective plans.

Sashi Kobayashi: Voiced by Tania Gunadi (DC Super Hero Girls, Shimmer and Shine), Sashi is the only girl on the part-time heroes team. Don’t be fooled, she’s no princess and has a bit of a tomboyish and aggressive side. Regardless of her demeanour, she remains the voice of reason for the team majority of the time. She wears glasses known as ‘the specs’ which project holographic details of the team’s missions

Now that we’ve served you the details, it’s time to jump in with te team for some exciting adventures. Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero starts on Monday 16 October at 16:50 on Disney XD (304).  

By Michelle Govender