Jan-Hendrik cooking and light coming in from window

DStv viewers can watch this award-winning chef and culinary genius as he combines French and South African cooking in his restaurant JAN, in Nice, France.

For the first time in SA television history an exclusive food series will explore the work and world of SA’s first Michelin-star chef Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen. In Jan, this award-winning chef and culinary genius will invite DStv viewers to watch how he combines French and South African cooking in his restaurant, JAN, in Nice, France. The programme kicks off on Tuesday, October 24, at 19:30 exclusively on the Afrikaans lifestyle channel VIA (DStv channel 147) and stream live on DStv Now. 

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Viewers will have an intimate look into the life of a creative artist, and also the processes that inspire Jan-Hendrik to create his award-winning culinary creations. We discover how his childhood on a dairy farm in Mpumalanga prepared him for opening his restaurant in the capital of the culinary world, and why he received the highest accolade in the restaurant business three years later.

“Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen is one of South Africa’s exports that fills us with pride. It is a great honour to be able to explore his inner world through the camera lens,” says Izelle Venter, VIA’s channel head.

“The programme is in Afrikaans, English, French and Italian, but the entire series has English subtitles, so everyone can watch it.”

The programme begins in his swanky restaurant on the French Riviera, where Hollywood stars, international sportspeople and other VIP guests queue for a table. The cameras then follow him to the small Italian village of Apricale, where he goes to recharge his batteries and to explore distinctive ingredients in the company of local characters. Each episode ends off with a spectacular dish inspired by the episode’s characters and ingredients – usually accompanied by a robust South African touch.

“Guests at my restaurant should not only say they enjoyed eating there – they must say they had a great experience. The same goes for the series: we are taking the viewers on a visual and sensory journey. If viewers feel that the programme was an experience for them as well, then we have done good work,” says Jan-Hendrik, who is visiting Cape Town especially for the show launch.

New episodes of Jan will air every Tuesday at 19:30, with repeats on Sundays at 20:30. The programme consists of nine episodes of 50 minutes each in Afrikaans, French and Italian, with English subtitles. Caesarstone is the broadcast partner for the programme. The programme is simultaneously available on Showmax.

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by Alice da Silva