Get an exclusive look into the brand new sci-fi/drama series Colony from one of the leading ladies herself!

You may recognise her from her roles on The Walking Dead and Prison Break, now Sarah Wayne Callies is starring in a brand new sci-fi series, Colony (every Monday at 20:00 on Universal Channel and streaming on DStv Now).
Callies is no stranger to the supernatural but Colony takes it one step further as we see a dystopian-era Los Angeles grapple with the planet being taken over. LA, like many other major cities, have become walled up leaving little room other than to wonder: do you stay or try to flee?
Starring alongisde Josh Holloway as her on-screen hubby, Callies takes on the role of Katie Bowman. Callies gives us some insight into shooting the popular series, what to expect and what she gets up to during her time off.
Find out the exclusive details on Colony below.
Tell us a bit about the series and your character Katie Bowman – what can we expect?
It’s a show about a family trying to survive an occupation - do they collaborate to stay safe, do the resist and try to throw off the oppressors?  Katie is trying to balance the needs of her family and the power of her convictions.  It’s an impossible situation, there’s no right answer, and she’s trying to walk the razor’s edge of her moral universe.
You’ve been in a number of notable series with cult followings, what was it like joining the cast for Colony
 Every new cast has it’s own character.  If I had three words to describe this one – grounded, dedicated, hilarious.  The Peter and Tory show is one of the best around.  I could watch it for days.  And Josh and I think we’re a folk band – him on his guitar with me singing Landslide every time we get together.  We spend a lot of time together, but there’s no drama.  We’ve all been at it too long.  Life’s too short not to love where you work. 
You’ve said in an interview, after your time on The Walking Dead, that you were a bit hesitant to return to the small screen after such an extraordinary experience… but now we’re glad to see you in Colony! What was it that made you decide “I have to be a part of this!”? 
I’d never read a character like Katie.  To exist so wholly in her own ethical universe – not as an extension of her husband’s/leading man’s – was a revelation to me.  I loved the questions the story raised, not just about collaboration vs. resistance, but the next steps – if you chose to resist, who do you follow and what do you do if they aren’t making choices you agree with?  Are you responsible for the actions of your organization?  What is the value of violence in resisting violence?  What is the place of nonviolence? 
This is a story that we’ve seen acted out in history time and time again – Northern Ireland, Syria, South Africa itself… Science Fiction, at its best, allows us to explore our human experience through the lens of fiction, dressed up with spaceships and aliens.  It allows us to ask complicated questions and explore all the possible answers.  What a gift, particularly at this moment in our global culture, to be a part of a show that takes all that on. 

Shooting for a sci-fi/drama series must be a lot of fun – can you let us know what it’s like being on set?

Depends on the day.  There are days when we all have to be totally focused and spend our time between takes peeling back the layers of our work to make it better.  There are days when we all get together and run lines and rehearse between takes to get closer to nailing the scene.  Then there are days when Josh brings his guitar and we have a little sing-a-long, make each other laugh… we’re a close cast, so we always come back to our friendships – at the end of the day the show rests on that. 

If you were suddenly thrown into an alternate dystopian universe, do you think you’d be able to survive it?

I sure hope so, I’ve been training for it in my job for about a decade! 


The series is premiering for the first time in South Africa, but the USA is a little ahead of us… without any spoilers, should we brace ourselves for how things turn out eventually?

Season 1 we see the occupation through the lens of this one family – how life in the Colony affects the wife, the husband, their marriage… and their kids, Katie’s sister… it’s a close up, intimate look.  Season 2 the world starts to expand, we get outside the LA Bloc, we learn more about our hosts.  Season 3 we get even farther out from LA, and learn some really amazing things about what’s going on beyond earth. 
It’s a rewarding show – it doesn’t tease you forever with answers you don’t get – the things you’re dying to know you will find out, and the answers are crazy… but it all stays really grounded in this one family – how we survive day to day as the circumstances bend and shift around us, and how we shape those circumstances – sometimes to victory, sometimes to disaster.

When you’re not shooting and working, what do you enjoy doing to unwind?

I parent, mostly.  Take my kids hiking, do art with them, cook meals.  By and large, like most working moms, if I’m not at work I’m with my kids. 
Do you have a message for fans in South Africa (and the rest of Africa)? 
Thank you.  You’ve been with me from the beginning, and I feel your love with such gratitude and pride that we’re on this journey together.  I honor the time you spend investing in the stories I get to tell, and I hope you’re as passionate about this one as I am!
Watch Colony every Monday at 20:00 on Universal Channel and streaming on DStv Now.