Sean Cameron Michael.

South African-born actor and Black Sails alum Sean Cameron Michael has joined cast members Jesper Christensen, Luna Rioumina, Robert Maillet and Jemma Dallender in director Joël Colburn ’s new film franchise AST.

South African-born actor and Black Sails alum Sean Cameron Michael has joined cast members Jesper Christensen (Spectre, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace), Luna Rioumina (Spartacus), Robert Maillet (Sherlock Holmes, 300) and Jemma Dallender (I Spit on Your Grave 2) in director Joël Colburn’s (Aspects of Evil, Danger Close, Lethal Exposure) new film franchise, AST.
Written by Colburn, the action-adventure spy thriller follows femme fatale Alexandra Duval (Rioumina), a skilled and seductive heroine operative getting up close and personal with her targets. AST plans to be a fresh take on the female assassin storyline.

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Michael will play Gideon, the powerful leader of a black bag operation for the CIA, made up of skilled operatives from around the world.  The franchise, in development with Kristrún Entertainment, is being produced by Colburn, Art Anthony, Rúna Fridriksson and Neil Ravan, with the first instalment expected to start shooting early next year in Toronto.  
The local actor’s recent credits include recurring as Russian agent Grigory Krukov on USA’s hit conspiracy drama Shooter for which he is an Emmy Award contender this year in the category Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series. The series is screened locally on Netflix. Michael also has a cameo in Tom Cruise'The Mummy, which is currently on the South African film circuit.  
He won Best Performance by an Actor for this role at the Boston SciFi Film Festival earlier this year. The feature also stars Brandon Auret and Suraya Santos and was written and directed by Christopher-lee dos Santos.
Michael will next be seen recurring internationally as Old Man Heart in the grind house-inspired Blood Drive, which premiered this week on the SyFy channel to rave reviews.