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This true story is bigger than Hollywood.

On the new five-part show Citizen Rose., Rose McGowan makes her voice heard as a pivotal figurehead for the movement in speaking out against and combatting sexual harassment in Hollywood and all work places on 

Watch the premiere of E!'s five-part documentary Citizen Rose on Wednesday 31 January at 20:00 on E! DStv Channel 124. Also available on DStv Now

Here's a first look at the documentary:

The series, which premieres Wednesday 31st January at 20:00 with a two-hour special event, will follow Rose as she readies her memoir/manifesto BRAVE for release all while going up against the Hollywood machine and those who try to silence her activism.

For the first time, we will see the world through her eyes.  A two-hour documentary, followed by four episodes airing in Spring 2018, Citizen Rose is a project that reflects a dramatically changing world. We follow Rose going up against the Hollywood machine, Rose has shown true courage in the face of adversity and this documentary will take you behind-the-scenes of her tumultuous and fascinating life.  She will process, in almost real-time, the massive social change she has helped usher in as well as fight back against those who have hurt so many, including her. 

 "You are formally invited into my mind and world.  I am thrilled to partner with E! to amplify my message of bravery, art, joy and survival.  As I ready my book, Brave, I realized I wanted to show how we can heal through art even when being hounded by evil,” said McGowan.  "I want to have a conversation with everyone, and most especially, you about looking at things differently and seeing beauty everywhere.  E!’s tremendous reach and impressive platform allow me to globally communicate the importance of living a BRAVE life."  

She has recently spoken out and has joined other actresses like Gwyenth Paltrow, Lysette Anthony and Angelina Jolie in accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. 



In the powerful video Rose says, "I was in the middle of my second movie for his company and I get assaulted and I decided not to stay silent."

"I knew others were out there and I knew it was a lot of us," McGowan continues. "Being brave doesn't mean your ankles don't shake and that you're not scared. I wish I had more middle fingers.”
 E! announced earlier this week that McGowan would be starring in a five-part documentary titled Citizen Rose.

Recently at the Golden Globes scores of stars like Viola Davis, Gal Gadot and Kate Hudson wore black to take a stand against the sexual harassment epidemic in Hollywood and beyond with the Time's Up campaign. Hundreds of celebs including Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have signed on to support the campaign. 

Who is Rose McGowan ?
You may remember her from Charmed as Paige Matthews. She’s also appeared on Enico Man, Scream, The Black Dahlia and Fifty Dead Men Walking amongst others. 

In the span of ten days, artist/activist Rose McGowan was arrested, met with former President Barack Obama, and became one of TIME Magazine's "People of the Year," all while navigating the minefield of those trying to silence her.  
“Rose McGowan’s courage in addressing sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood ignited a conversation and inspired other women to speak out against their abusers,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President, Development and Production, E!  “We look forward to taking viewers inside this talented, dynamic woman’s world as the first allegations unfold and she becomes a leading voice in a critical cultural change.”

Don't miss Citizen Rose on Wednesday 31 January at 20:00 on E! DStv Channel 124.