iZombie on Vuzu AMP.

TV series characters you should model your behaviour on - or not.

With so much to watch on DStv this winter, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the great indoors. But with so many characters to spend time with, you find yourself getting too attached, maybe even adopting some of their characteristics. While some do possess incredible traits you should learn from, there are also a few you should never copy!

Let’s take a look at some of the character do's and don't on DStv:

Do: stay humble
The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard is a great person to look up to. We rate him because he is a brainiac without a gigantic ego. You can catch him and the infamous Sheldon Wednesdays on M-Net at 19:30, or on DStv Catch Up.


Don’t: get in over your head
Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black is such a hoot but damn girl, landing yourself in jail is never a good thing – no matter how much fun you get up to in there. That is why she’s on our don’t follow list – but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow her on the telly! Catch her in the new season premiere on DStv Catch Up, and Wednesdays on M-Net Edge (DStv channel 102) at 21:00.

Do: prioritise
DI Lewis is the man to talk to when it comes to stopping crime but he also knows when to put his family first and that’s why we look up to him. Catch the brand new season of Lewis, starting on Tuesday, 14 July at 21:55 on ITV Choice (DStv channel 123).


Don’t: plot and scheme
The title, Devious Maids, itself explains why you shouldn't adopt these women's traits. Carmen is steamy and sultry but her affair with a married man is just plain wrong! But we love her nonetheless so we'll be watching when she and the other maids return for a new season of Devious Maids, on Monday, 13 July at 20:00 on Vuzu AMP (DStv channel 103).


Do: put others first
Liv from iZombie has her ups and downs but c’mon, anyone willing to eat brains and help solve crime is on my good list. Not for the brain eating – don’t do that – but because she sets her life issues aside to help others come to justice, you go Liv! Check out her crime-fighting skills on Thursdays at 21:30 on Vuzu AMP (DStv channel 103) or on DStv Catch Up.


Don’t: be a cynic
Battle Creek’s detectives are pretty cool but Russ' irritable nature is not really one you want to take home. His jealousy of Milt and general lack of faith in the world makes him seem like a grinch. We can’t help watching him and Milt in their expeditions. Catch them on Tuesdays at 21:00 on M-Net (101) or on DStv Catch Up.