An image from the TLC Entertainment show Risking it All.

Families give up technology to explore life off the grid on the TLC Entertainment show Risking it All.

In a world where we have more forms of connection than ever before, we tend to lose ourselves in the addiction of constant connectivity. Ever had the temptation to get away from it all – unplugging from technology and leaving the hustle and bustle of modern life to go back to the basics? The brand new TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) series, Risking it All, follows three families who set off to do just that. 

Each family has a unique reason for the drastic change in lifestyle and each sees moving off the grid as the last resort to saving what is dear to them. They will say goodbye to their friends and extended family, sell their homes and move to the wilderness to re-build their lives off the grid with the bare necessities they need for survival.

The Watfords are striving to save their marriage and believe that eliminating external distractions will bring them closer together, while the Elliotts are searching for a more holistic lifestyle to support their mother who is suffering from degenerative arthritis. We also meet the Kemps who are trying to mend broken relationships and hope that moving off the grid will help them get back to their core values as a family. 

Watch as these families face the biggest challenge of their life as they build shelter, find their own running water source and rely on each other in ways they’ve never had to before. 
Will their new life strengthen their relationships or will the self-sufficient life in the wilderness prove to be too challenging? Catch Risking it All, which premieres on TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) on Wednesday, 15 July at 20:00.