Rick on The Walking Dead, standing against a wall

The biggest surprise on #ImmortalMondays was Rick being adamant that one of Alexandria’s most loved members should be killed.

The biggest surprise on #ImmortalMondays was Rick being adamant that one of Alexandria’s most loved members should be killed.

But before all of this happened, we watched The Strain, where Nora, Eph, Jim and Setrakian joined forces as they’re trying to stop the spread of the virus.

The effects of the disease are ugly, with those infected losing their hair and complexion, hiding out in dark spaces, and ready to attack any breathing soul.

Eph and his colleagues aren't alone

But Eph and his colleagues aren’t the only ones trying their best to stop the virus from spreading.

We were also introduced to new creatures, covered in black hoodies, with their pale complexions, and red, vein like marks on their faces. They’re going around town, killing anyone they come across who’s been infected with the virus.

Not only do they kill those with the virus, but even those who’ve come in contact with the infected and have so much as a scrape, aren’t safe.

At least they’re protecting those who haven’t yet been exposed, warning them not to touch the bodies.

But who are they? And how far will they go to protect the people?

Meanwhile on The Walking Dead, Deanna and her family are still mourning her son’s death. It’s clear Sasha is not at all comfortable in Alexandria, often disappearing, going into the woods and killing walkers.

It didn’t take long for Michonne and Rosita to find her in the woods, and they also took out their frustrations, something Sasha didn’t appreciate.

Rick loses it!

And behind locked doors, Rick and Carol are on a mission to get rid of PeeteCarol because she doesn’t want anyone to be in an abusive relationship, and Rick, because he has a bit of a crush on Jesse, Peete's wife, or so we think.

The first time Rick and Peete’s paths crossed, he told him to keep on walking, but the second time, neither Rick nor Peete were that lucky.

Their fight, which started in Peete’s house, soon saw them bloody and battered in the streets of Alexandria, with everyone looking on. Jesse and Carl tried to stop the fight, but were pushed out of the way.

Deanna told Rick that’s not how things are done in their community, with Rick telling her that they should start living in the real world.

It was obvious Deanna realised allowing Rick into their community was not the right decision, and while he was going on his rant, he was knocked out. By Michonne!

What will happen next? Tune in to FOX on Monday for #ImmortalMondays from 20:30 CAT for The Strain, followed by the season finale of The Walking Dead.

If you missed all the drama, watch the repeat of The Strain on FOX, Tuesdays at 21:20 CAT and The Walking Dead Fridays at 21:20 CAT.